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Get to know the function and how to apply powder so it doesn’t fade quickly

November 19, 2023 By Aaron Off

Situs Game Slot Teraman. Powder is not just an ordinary cosmetic product. In the world of fashion, powder is an important element in the make-up process.

Powder helps disguise skin that looks imperfect. Powder evens out skin tone, and gives a more even appearance. King88bet Slot Link
By choosing the right color, powder can give the impression of smoother and radiant skin. One of the main uses of powder is to absorb excess oil on the face. RTP Live King88bet

This helps keep excess shine at bay that may appear in the T-zone area or other parts of the face. Powder is the key to locking in make-up results. King88bet Slot Link

RTP Live King88bet .After applying foundation and concealer, setting powder helps ensure the products last longer and don’t smudge easily.

Powder provides a flawless finishing touch to your make-up appearance. By reducing excess shine, concealing pores, and providing a matte or dewy finish, powder helps create the desired look. RTP Live King88bet

Some powders contain ingredients that provide additional protection from exposure to UV rays or environmental pollution. This adds to the functional value of the powder as skin protection as well as a make-up element. RTP Live King88bet

Choose the Right Primer

Before using powder, apply a facial primer. Primer helps disguise pores and creates a better base for powder. King88bet Slot Link

Use of Moisturizer. King88bet Slot Link

Make sure your face is well hydrated before using powder. Moist skin will help the powder stick better and not rub off quickly.

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Proper Application Technique

Use a sponge or powder brush to apply the powder evenly. Press lightly and avoid rubbing too hard to avoid lifting the powder. Situs Game Slot Teraman

Set with Setting Spray

After applying powder, spritz on setting spray to help the powder stick and last longer.

Gently Touch-Up

When a touch-up is needed, use a soft tissue or blotting paper to absorb excess oil before adding a thin layer of powder evenly.