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Jeka Saragih Becomes the Highest Paid Indonesian MMA Fighter

November 19, 2023 By Aaron Off

Situs King88bet Terpercaya. Jakarta – Indonesian competitor Jeka Saragih effectively beat Lucas Alexander from Brazil with a knockout success on his UFC . This outcome is a historic turning point for the Indonesian MMA world. Agen Bola Terpercaya

King88Bet RTP Live .Jeka is currently listed as the country’s first effective competitor in the UFC, as well as the record owner with the highest earnings in Indonesia

Agen Bola Terpercaya .Through his success over Alexander, Saragih received a reward of 55 thousand US bucks. Plus profits of 35 thousand US bucks for combating, Jeka game slot Saragih is approximated to take home about 1.2 billion rupiah, before tax obligation, from his first look. King88Bet RTP Live

Jeka silenced Alexander after effectively benefiting from his opponent’s carelessness. He introduced an assault that knocked senseless Alexander quickly when the first rounded was still 1 min 31 secs old. Agen Bola Terpercaya

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This competitor from Simalungun has revealed that he cannot be ignored. Although he is not a favorite amongst MMA followers. Agen Bola Terpercaya

Jeka also confessed that his town friends and also his extended family weren’t certain he could win the fight on his launching. King88Bet RTP Live

“Before the fight, many doubted my capcapacities, they just weren’t also certain I could win. But I used this as inspiration, and I proved to all those that doubted that they were incorrect, and I managed to win my first fight,” said Jeka Saragih at a push conference after the fight. King88Bet RTP Live

Although it occurred on Sunday (19/11/2023) morning Indonesian time, Mola, that broadcast Jeka’s UFC launching, approximated that the rate of passion from viewers in Indonesia would certainly still be large. Situs King88bet Terpercaya

“Although it was brief, Jeka Saragih’s suit versus Lucas Alexander was watched by greater than 450 thousand customers.